Most companies have an inefficient chain of people and paper between customers and the people who can make major improvements. When the customer data finally reaches the product design group, it often isn't easy for the team to digest its significance and prioritieze it accordingly. All of the delays taken together mean that improvements don't happen as fast as they should.

I recomend the following approach to integrating customer complains and whish list into product and service development.

1. Focus on your most unhappy customers.

2. Use the technology to gather rich information on their unhappy experiences with your product and to find out what they want you to put into the product.

3. Use technology to drive the news to the right people in hurry.
If you use these three things, you'll turn those draining, bad news experiences into an exhilarating process of improving your product or service. Unhappy customers are always concern. They're also your greatest opportunity. Adopting a learning posture rather than a negative defensive posture can make customer complaints your best source of significant quality improvements...

Business @ the Speed of Thought : Using a Digital Nervous System by Bill Gates, Collins Hemingway (Contributor)

ISBN: 0446525685 This book is available from Amazon