Similarities between Prostitution and Programming: - 1. In both careers, you're washed up at age 40 unless you move into management.

-2. In both careers, you get paid to be on your rear.

-3. In both careers you get your best work done at night when everyone else is out of the office.

-4. After a certain age you need "technical support"

-5. Difficult to estimate how long the job will take

-6. Vast skill difference between contractors

-7. Hard to check references

-8. Your friends don't understand how you can do what you do.

-9. You might have to kiss some ass

-10. The more unpleasant the work, the higher the pay

-11. The customer pays a lot of money for you time but the big part of it usually goes to your boss/pimp.

-12. Many programmers are willing to do it without pay just because they love it.